Krooshchicky and Hercules had their litter of four puppies (two male, two female) on October 25.  Kroosh is Such a wonderful mom! 

Here's a picture of Krooshchicky:

Here's a picture of my perfect toy-sized, show dog, Hercules:

This is the darkest puppy in the litter, a little boy with a white spot on his chest. 

Here's his brother who is just a little lighter.  He also has a white spot on his chest:

Here's the first female.  She is a little darker than her sister and is solid in color.


Here is her sister.  She is a little darker in color and does have a white spot on her chest.

Gorgeous, dark-red Blooming Rosebud​ and little Leon Redbone had a litter of one little red boy on September 13.  Rosebud sure is a great mom - her little guy is very fat and happy.  Here she is:

Here's little Leon:

​This is Patrick who is on hold for Natalia from Las Vegas.  Notice his ever-wiggling tail!

And another pic of the little guy in which he's only 5 weeks old.  Dark red enough for ya?

And heeeere's Punkin's video!