​​My black miniature female, Esmerelda, and my red toy male, Leon Redbone, had their litter of SIX (!) puppies on March 5.  

Here is Esmerelda, 9 pounds:

Here is the father of this litter, Leon Redbone:

Not pictured is the black female in this litter that I'm keeping to keep this pedigree going.

Here are the other two females, both red.  

This one is already on hold for Victoria and Christine:

This red female is now on hold for Linda, who is also taking one of Mya's girls.

​Here are the three boys.  

​This black male is on hold for Elizabeth: 

This male with the little white stripe is on hold for Stella and she wants to call him Max.

This solid red male is now on hold for Jeffrey.  Sorry about smooshing his face:

Here's their first video taken when they are only 5 weeks old!