Krooshchicky and Hercules had their litter of four puppies (two male, two female) on October 25.  Kroosh is Such a wonderful mom! 

Here's a picture of Krooshchicky:

Here's a picture of my perfect toy-sized, show dog, Hercules:

This is their litter.  The darkest red is a boy to the right in the pic.  His brother is at the bottom of the pic.  The two girls are at the back.  

Here are the two females.  The lighter-red female is on hold for Diana who has decided to call her Sangria.  The darker female with the spot on her chest is now on hold for Kathy, who wants to name her Lucy.

Here are the two boys.  They are both taken with the larger one going to Jimmy.


​Here is a video of this adorable litter - they're only 4 weeks of age, but you can already see them begin to interact.  I apologize for my confusion in the beginning - I had to laugh at myself since the dark male and the dark female look so much alike: