​​Ooshontz and Hercules had their very last litter together on March 10.  In fact, I have already retired and adopted out her mother to another family.  I really wanted to keep her last little girl to keep Ooshontz' pedigree going, but her little girl is going to be way too small to breed safely.  At almost 7 months of age, she weighs only 2 pounds - she is a true teacup poodle!  Her body is only the size of a soda can.  It truly breaks my heart to have to find her another home, but I must since she could not safely play with my other poodles, some of whom are three times what she will be even full grown.  I have lovingly named her Zsa Zsa as she has always been incredibly beautiful, energetic with none of the health problems that often accompany teacups, let alone micro teacups.  Zsa Zsa has superlative conformation, which is unusual given her size.  Many teacups end up having apple-shaped heads, buggy eyes, short muzzles and short backs in relation to their legs, but Zsa Zsa has show dog conformation.  Everyone who meets her falls in love.  Let me know if you could give this little girlie an excellent home.  

Here are some of her pictures.


And here she is playing with the puppy from another litter.  Keep in mind that Zsa Zsa is 6 months old in this video and is not much bigger than the other little 6-week-old puppy.  Zsa Zsa's top knot is banded as I was preparing to show her.  She would make a perfect poodle in the toy division AKC show ring!