​​Ooshontz and Hercules had their last litter together on March 10.  Only their female is still available in the litter.  It's still too early to predict how big she will be but Oosh is 7 pounds and Herky is 4.  

Here's Ooshontz:

Here's Hercules:

Here is the female at two weeks of age.  She is now on hold for Cathy.  Her name is Ruby.

Here's a picture of Primo, the only boy in this litter.  He is still available.  He's going to be super stunning with such perfect parents - he got the best of both.

​Here is a video of this litter on Youtube: 


Venus (daughter of my Greek god, Hercules) and Gawumpki (the Polish word for stuffed cabbage) had their litter of three red boys on July 6.  Venus is an exceptional mother, and the puppies should all be 8-10 pounds full grown, although it's hard to know any more specifically as they're still pretty young.  I wish I could get better pictures of Venus and Gawumpki than I have, but Venus is a leggy, 10-pound, red female with beautiful, refined features.  Gawumpki also has long legs and is 8 pounds.  He's apricot and also has the smiling gene in his pedigree.  Here are their available kiddies.  The lighting isn't good in there as they are being sheltered.  I had to lighten up the photo to allow the viewer to see them: