Cherry Moya had her very first litter with the Big Kahuna on 11/5/2017.  Cherry is an absolutely gorgeous light-red female, 7 pounds, with a magnificent long muzzle and super long legs, which she inherited from her father, Hercules, my first AKC show boy seen on the first page of this website.  Kahuna, the sire of this litter, is also 7 pounds and also has nice, long legs.  They had three beautiful puppies, two females and one male, all light red (they look darker although that's just the room lighting).  Scroll down to see the puppy video.

Here is Cherry Moya:

Here is the sire of this litter, Big Kahuna:

​This smaller lady is on hold for Ellen who wants to name her Ginger.

Here is her sister who has a beautiful, long and refined muzzle just like her mother.  She will probably be the size of her mother as an adult, 7 pounds.  See the video below where she is 7 weeks old.  She is still available.

This is the only male in the litter and is on hold for Bethany from Colorado.  His name is Winston.

This video was taken when the litter is 7 weeks old: