Jillaroo and Monsieur Le Redford had their litter of four puppies, two boys and two girls, on April 8.  Jilly is doing a great job of being a nurturing mother.  Jilly is a miniature poodle at 10 pounds.  Redford is 8 pounds, so their puppies could be around that size, but Redford has been known to produce smaller puppies.  There's no way to predict their size with any certainty when they are newborn like this, but time will tell.

​Here's Jillaroo:  

Here's Monsieur Le Redford, the sire:

Here's the first little boy:  

He is on hold for Gretchen.

​Here is the second little boy:  

​He is still available.  $1000.

Here is the first little girl.  She is the darkest red:

She was chosen by Sadie who has named

her Rosie. 

Here is the second little girl who was chosen by Denise who wants to call her Fergie. 

Check out this video I took of this litter at only a month of age.  They are running around like crazy, keeping their mommy, Jilly, on her toes!