Krooshchicky and Big Kahuna, both red and 7 pounds, are due around March 25.  Stay tuned!

Also, Rosebud (6 pounds, red) and the Big Kahuna (red, 7 pounds) are expecting their litter around April 6.


​​My little Red Babushka (7 pounds) with her husband (Primo my Dreamo, apricot and 7 pounds) had their litter on February 5 - three beautiful boys (pictured below).

​Here's Babushka:

​Here's Primo:

Below is their litter of three.

Now on hold for Edward, this is the lightest color male, apricot in color:

Now on hold for for Olivia is this middle boy.

Now on hold for Victoria KLFT is the largest red male of this litter.