Sweet Sugar Lips and the Big Kahuna had a litter of two red puppies, a male and a female.  Sugar Lips is an adorable 5-pound red bundle of fluff.  Kahuna is a very leggy, red, 6-pound handsome fella.  

This is Sugar Lips:  

This is the Big Kahuna:  

​​Here is a video of their two red puppies.  The female is already taken by Salter.  He named her Violet.  Her big brother is still available - he'll probably be around 8 pounds and he's a nice, dark red! 

Here's another video of the tiny female in this litter.  At 6 weeks of age, she is charting to weigh only 4-5 pounds as an adult.

Here's a picture of their available little big man (he'll probably be 8 pounds full grown!) taken on September 12:

And another one: