These are the six puppies of Jillaroo and Primo (pictured at the left).

​This is the first male, Peanut.  He is on hold for Cindy in San Diego.

Available:  This is a picture of the second boy (can't rotate the pic with this website host, sorry):  


Below is Mur Ru, the darkest red female, who is on hold for Sunny.

Below is the next darkest red female who is on hold for Gail.

Available:  This red female is still available (can't rotate the pic with this website host).

​This little lady is on hold for Dorothy.

Check out this video that was taken when this litter is 5 weeks old.  They are so active and happy, not to mention beautiful.  Did I mention beautiful?

Jillaroo (Australian name for Cowgirl) and Primo My Dreamo had their first litter together - SIX puppies!  Their four females and two males are pictured to the right.  Bless Jilly for carrying them all and being such an excellent mother.  Bless Primo for being so good at his job!

Here's Jilly.  She is a small red miniature, 10 pounds.

Here is Primo.  To meet him is to Love him.  His dad is Hercules (my first AKC show boy) and he has his same sweet, loving personality.  

Below is a picture of their six puppies together at a week of age: