I have been a toy and mini poodle lover ever since I can remember and I also love all animals including horses.  I'm not a full-time poodle breeder but have a job to support me.  I live simply so my poodle prices are not exorbitant, but these are not "cheap" poodles. This allows me to be selective regarding their future homes. I'm not a "salesman" by nature and my references will tell you that I honestly work with you to find you a very suitable pet poodle and stand behind your choice well after you take them home.  I also know the more reputable poodle breeders in California and if I don't have what you are looking for, I will direct you to them.  A complete dedication to my animals has inspired me to share my experience with anyone looking to learn more about poodles or horses which is why I have written my book, "How to Turn Your Dog into a Horse,"  which is now available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

The color choices I offer are red, apricot, cream, black, and sometimes phantom (not parti) and brindle.  Most of my poodles have the modern conformation with long legs, short backs and refined muzzles, and only some pet quality with slightly shorter legs.  I don't have any white, silver or parti colors and because of this, very few "mismarks."  Their pedigrees are time-tested, and I will be continuing that reputation:  I love raising this breed and proving that they can run with the best:  Look for us in the AKC dog show ring!  I've worked very hard to breed the best of the best of the desired traits of the poodle.  To protect my reputation and kennel name, none of my poodles is sold with full registration (allowing the poodle to show or to breed) unless a specific written contract is previously signed.  This could mean co-ownership of that poodle and a different price so no unauthorized, unhealthy breeding is done to spoil years of attention to my lines.  Priority for full registration is given to proven show homes.

ADULTS AND RESCUES:  I get dozens of requests from people looking for an adult poodle.  It seems there are some breeders out there that discard their adults after they can no longer whelp or sire litters.  Of course, this isn't in the best interest of the poodle, only the breeder.  I guess they can't be bothered with the maintenance of an older poodle, or care for more than their money-makers.  More often than not, my parent poodles are "lifers" and will live with me their whole lives.  Very infrequently, if I ever have an adult poodle that I feel will be able to get on just as well with a new family, I adopt out that poodle with a spay/neuter contract.  And yes, I have rescued poodles outside of my pedigrees.  One was a deaf/blind poodle that another reputable breeder didn't have the heart to put down but had a big family and no time to take care of a handicapped poodle.  That wonderful breeder recognized that the little toy poodle had an exceedingly high desire to survive so she gave her to me.  Rai (named for Ray Charles) is alive, happy and protected in my care.  She doesn't know she is handicapped and has actually learned how to give me her paw and to come on command (the signal is blowing air in her direction).  I realize that even with the best intentions of breeding the most perfect poodles we can find, not all poodles are born perfect.  I'm trying to do my part as a breeder to take in the imperfect poodles no one else wants.  I'm not just some inactive member of some organization, but work with rescues in my area who have agreed to bring me their matted, dirty, unrecognizable poodle and I will clean and groom them. attend to eye, ear and dental care and make them beautiful again as they were born to be.  This way the rescues will have a greater chance to find wonderful, loving homes for their poodle rescues.

My priorities in breeding are these: 
1. Health.  I genetically test my sires for PRA, progressive retinal atrophy, and do not breed any that could possibly carry an inherited disease, such as epilepsy or diabetes.
2. Personality.  Every poodle has something special to offer, from the happy-peppy types to the quieter, less-in-your-face types.  A true poodle lover loves them all.
3. Color.  Isn't it great how the poodle comes in so many colors to choose from, and hypoallergenic to boot!

Those first two priorities are higher than the third. The red color in particular fades over a few years into apricot, something other poodle breeders are either not aware of, or not honest about.

A Bachelor's degree in nursing with years of experience, specifically OB/GYN, coupled with my extensive background in raising and training horses gives me a solid medical foundation for raising poodles, in which I have been active since the early 1990s.  I now work in a professional medical field which helps me keep abreast of important medical priorities. I have an extensive knowledge of the possible medical weaknesses of poodles, and am able to pro-act, if necessary.

All of my litters are AKC registered poodles, and I do not raise any other breeds so there's no danger of your getting anything but a purebred poodle.  You are welcome to visit.  I will show you the puppies' dam and sire (which not all breeders do) and siblings interacting, far better than just looking at a picture or even a video.  You will find all of my dogs' teeth are CLEAN and they have NO ear mites or fungus (which smells rotten and looks like coffee grounds or a very dark brown discharge).  I love to have fun with grooming and celebrate their coats with the Continental, English Saddle, Dutch, Sporting, Bikini and "Other" styles.  They live in my clean house and really sleep with me (not all at once).  I allow all of my dogs capable of negotiating steps access to my back yard on a regular basis, supervised, of course.  Here they can enjoy the fresh air and romp on the hills, which strengthens their joints and encourages exercise.  Only the very youngest puppies are kept in playpens until they are old enough to socialize with all my other dogs, young and old, big and small, supervised, of course.

I stand behind every word and picture on this website.  It is all true.  I also guarantee my warranty.  Unfortunately, I've seen too many breeders not honor their warranty.  This protects:
1.  Your emotional and financial investment.
2.  The puppy's happiness.
3.  My reputation.

Here's Bambi, my first poodle.  
He started the ball of poodle passion rolling for me

back in the 1960s and was part of the inspiration for my new book (see below).   


This is a RED ribbon won by Vallee's Raging Red Hercules.


​​My TV Stars!

Minnow and Fire Eater, whose father is an AKC champion, had a litter in 2013 of six beautiful red boys.  I'm very proud to announce that this was the litter chosen by the Animal Planet to represent the miniature poodle breed on their TV show, "Too Cute," that was televised in 2014.  Each of these puppies was featured in that episode, and is a TV star in his own right.  The Animal Planet filmed them at a Civil War re-enactment in Southern California, showing how poodles have been around for a long time, including the 1860s! 

Here's Minnow, 8 pounds, with her litter:                                                           Here's Fire Eater, the 9-pound sire of this litter:      

Here's a video taken of their pretty puppies at about six weeks of age:
This video shows the funny playfulness of one of the puppies in this litter. 
And here's a video of this litter at 8 weeks of age:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Nxug0oeibY

Here's Davis, as in Jefferson Davis.  On the TV show, Davis was actually the little puppy who took a dive off of a very tall bale of hay.  Davis was chosen by the family of Andy Garcia, yes, THE Andy Garcia of movie fame.  He wanted his son to choose one of my poodles, and he chose Davis. Thank you, Andy.

Here's Lincoln, the darkest red male.  On the TV show, Lincoln was the tiny, wiggly puppy that was filmed in close-up taking his first steps.  Jacqui chose him as her own.

Here's the star of the TV show, Grits, whose name was changed on the show to Tater Tot.  He is being featured throughout the footage filmed of the litter.  He was the smallest in the litter. Kim from Moorpark has chosen Grits to be a part of her wonderful, poodle-loving family.  His grown-up picture was shown at the end of the TV show with his friend, a miniature greyhound.

Here's Mason, one of the red males.  Karen from Carlsbad is now the proud owner of Mason.  It was Mason whose picture was shown at the end of the TV show as the dark red poodle riding his surfboard in Hawaii.

Here's Dixon, Mason's twin, also red.  Dixon was actually the puppy that the little red-haired girl in the red, polka-dot dress was holding on the TV show.  Dixon has been chosen by Rose Mary in Oceanside for his sweet personality.

Here's Gumbo.  He's the biggest in the litter.  The TV show changed his name to Spud and much of the footage is actually of him. Gumbo has been chosen by Carmela and George for their grandchildren in Arizona.