Red, apricot, cream, and black toy and miniature poodles in southern California.
If you love toy and miniature poodles as much as I do, and whether you buy a puppy from me or someone else, let's talk.


I was recently approached by a purebred poodle breeder who found herself overwhelmed with the numbers of poodles she had.  She relinquished 10 of her poodles, miniature and toys, adults and puppies to me to find them good homes.  I've been hard at work cleaning them up, grooming them and they are almost ready to go to their new homes.  They do not have papers, but they are very nice poodles with good conformation, long legs, refined features, intelligence and affection.  I will not release them before Christmas, only afterwards when the families can focus on their new poodle family member after the holiday hoopla excitement is over.  These are not related to my own poodles, but I will do my best to honestly represent them according to what the other breeder told me and what I have found.  If you are interested in any of the poodles, please e-mail me at valerie@poodlepassion.com.
This is the before picture of one of the adults:
Here is the same dog after three hours of grooming:
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