Red, apricot, cream, and black toy and miniature poodles in southern California.
If you love toy and miniature poodles as much as I do, and whether you buy a puppy from me or someone else, let's talk.


Beautiful red Jillaroo, my 10-pound, red miniature lady, and Gawumpki, my 8-pound red mini boy, had their first litter together.  They are a rainbow of colors, three males and one female (see pics at right).  They're all actually the same size right now (despite how they look in the pictures to the right) and should be around the size of the parents, although they could be slightly bigger or smaller.  I will know more about their size in a few weeks after I chart their individual growth rates.

Here's Jillaroo, the mom:

Here's Gawumpki, the dad:

This little guy is going to Tom's home.  They decided to name him Samson.

This beautiful cream puppy, Julius, will be going home to the family of Denise.

This is the red female.  Fifi is already on hold for Marlene.

Wilbur is on hold for Steven.

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