Red, apricot, cream, and black toy and miniature poodles in southern California.
If you love toy and miniature poodles as much as I do, and whether you buy a puppy from me or someone else, let's talk.

      (The puppy above is flying with me in the airplane cabin.)

If you need further information, you can e-mail valerie@poodlepassion.com or call me at (951) 306-8312.  Please try me through e-mail first as my phone service is weak.  In your message, let me know what you are looking for as far as temperament, size, color, etc., and what kind of home you can offer them.  I also need to know if you ever intend to breed or show your poodle in the future as otherwise, they come with limited AKC registration, and UKC only if specified.

Infrequently, I have adult poodles for adoption to pet homes. Let me know if you would like to be on that waiting list.

ORDERING:  Please be aware that some poodle websites have an "ordering" page.  It's not as simple as that.  Not everyone can have one of my poodles.  I will first need to see what kind of a perfect/loving home you can provide for one of my kids, uh, poodles.  I also prefer to keep in touch with you with open, honest communication.  This way you will get my help throughout the life of your poodle, and I get to see them grow up and share your stories.  They'll always be my kids out there!   

PRICING:  I price my poodles according to size and color.  Special price consideration is given to proven show homes.  The price for my poodles starts at 1000 including AKC registration (pet or full, depending upon our agreement) and my full health warranty which protects your investment.  The price goes up if they are female puppies, or very tiny (teacup) in size, or a very dark red.  I have very high-quality pedigrees which go for much higher prices elsewhere.  There is often a waiting list for red females as this is the most requested type.  The teacup size (less than 4 pounds full grown) costs more for the extra time and special care they get.  I also keep the teacup-size puppies longer, up to 4-5 months, before I allow them to go to new homes so I may acutely observe for any health problems.  They are a bit more fragile in the beginning and so a higher risk.  If something were to happen to them, I'd rather it be in my experienced care than with you.  This will help insure you have a very healthy puppy.  Beware any breeder selling or shipping younger teacup puppies.   Please be advised that teacups are not to be used for breeding as it is dangerous to their health.

Puppies are transferred only when payment is received in full.  
We accept cash, money order or Paypal.

SHIPPING:  I only ship within the United States, not out of this country.  Shipping pets in temperature and oxygen-controlled compartment is safer than it has been in the past.  Special airlines laws now govern the health and welfare of live animals.
They are hand carried to and from the plane, and never are they left stranded on a runway or conveyor belt. charge a non-negotiable shipping fee of $350 which covers my costs for the veterinarian examination, all appropriate vaccinations required to fly, veterinarian's certificate to fly, a suitably sized airlines-approved puppy crate, flight insurance and air fare.

I also offer the option of personally flying your puppy out to you with no middleman involved.  Sometimes that's just the best way for everyone involved to maintain peace of mind. I have traveled cross country and the puppy was constantly and completely happy and safe within my care.  
The price depends on where in the country you live.  If you are within reasonable driving distance, I could also deliver your puppy to you, but I really prefer that you visit my home first to see firsthand that I am not a puppy mill, that all of my poodles are very well cared for, all beautifully groomed, and that they live safely within my own, clean home, not in dog runs or kennels.

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy for you and excludes anyone else interested in that specific puppy.  The deposit is given as a good-faith contract that I will not offer your puppy to anyone else, and you will not back out of your commitment.  The only time a deposit can be refunded is if your puppies dies when in my home.  Then you will have the option for either a refund, or the choice of another available puppy.   
 The balance is due prior to transfer of your puppy. (Puppies are sold in the order of the deposits received.)
California Codes, Health and Safety Code Section 122045-122110 controls all aspects of our sales.

Please be sure to read all the above and if you have any questions please let me know because the terms and conditions apply to all sales.

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