Red, apricot, cream, and black toy and miniature poodles in southern California.
If you love toy and miniature poodles as much as I do, and whether you buy a puppy from me or someone else, let's talk.


    Need ideas on grooming styles or names for your new puppy?  Find them at californiapoodle.com.

My beautiful, red toy-sized lady, Mango, and perfect Hercules, my AKC show boy, had their last litter of three girls! on January 21.  

Here's sweet Mango:

Here's Hercules:

Here are their puppies at only 5 days old.  They are all the same pretty red color.  I'm keeping this little girl to pass on the legacy between Mango and Hercules.  Hopefully, she'll be perfect enough to show in the AKC show ring like her father!

This is the second puppy on hold for Marlena, who decided to call her Fifi:  

This is the last available puppy.  All of the puppies are actually the same color.  The lighter color hairs on this puppy are only due to the lighting of the room.  She's the same red color as the others $1500. 

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