Red, apricot, cream, and black toy and miniature poodles in southern California.
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Lovely red Raindance and Monsieur Le Redford had their first litter together on October 18.  There are four beautiful male puppies in all shades of red, naturally.  

Here's Raindance attending to her litter:

Here's the proud father, Monsieur Le Redford:

Below is a picture of their litter all together, and to the right are pictures of them individually.
And now the little boys.  It's too early to predict the size of any of the puppies at this young age and since it's Raindance's first litter, but both Raindance and Redford are 8 pounds, so chances are that all of these puppies will be around their size.

Here's the smallest (for now) little guy of the litter, who I couldn't resist naming Mikey.  Mikey and his brother below were chosen to live together forever by Robin.

Here's the middle boy.  He's still red, but just not the darkest of the litter.  (It looks like he has a white stripe on his head, but he's really a solid red color.)  Robin has chosen this little guy and has named him Harry.

Here's the darkest red boy.  He has been chosen by the Boguslavsky family and his name is Jasper.

Here's the next-darkest-red boy. Rose Mary, who chose Dixon, one of the poodles that was on TV last year, has picked this little boy to grow up with him.
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