Red, apricot, cream, and black toy and miniature poodles in southern California.
If you love toy and miniature poodles as much as I do, and whether you buy a puppy from me or someone else, let's talk.


    Need ideas on grooming styles or names for your new puppy?  Find them at californiapoodle.com.

Elvira (8-pound dark black female miniature) and Hercules (4-pound red AKC show stud) had a litter of four, two boys, two girls, on July 30.  They should all be small miniature in size, but it really is too soon to predict their adult sizes.

Here's a picture of Elvira (with her last litter):

Here's the solid black male.  I had to lighten up the picture to let you see his features as he's so very dark! Melody is looking forward to taking this beautiful boy home:  

Here's another male, a dark red with a white chest, and a white dot right on the top of his head.  It also looks like he walked through white paint on his little toes, so I nicknamed him "Spats."  He's on hold for Roy and his family.
Here's the sire of Elvira's litter, my beautiful Hercules:

Here's the first female, a gorgeously marked red and black phantom.  She was the first pick of the litter chosen by Ashly.

Last but certainly not least is the most sought after, a solid red female.  Brandy is on hold for Marie.
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