I raise toy (less than 10 inches tall at the shoulder)

and miniature (10-15 inches at the shoulder) poodles

in the striking colors of red, apricot, cream, and black.  

If you love toy and miniature poodles as much as I do,
and whether you buy a puppy from me or someone else, let's talk.   


My book has been published!  It's called  

How to Turn Your Dog into a Horse

Using the 50+ years of my lifetime experience relating to dogs and horses, I compiled this book.  It was written for all of the horseless horse lovers out there.  The horse-crazy bug bit me early in life.  As a 10-year-old, it was frustrating to only be allowed to watch horses from afar, so I turned to the next, most logical option, my poodle, Bambi.  I started training him in the way I thought horses were trained, lunging at the walk/trot/canter, putting him over jumps, and even pulling my Barbie's horse carriage.  My life was simply controlled by this horse-crazy gene and I was fortunate enough to learn as much as I could about horses.  I realized there are just too many frustrated horse lovers out there, who are either afraid of the danger of working around horses, who never had the opportunities I did, or who are convinced horses are just too expensive.  This book will help anyone with those frustrations, it will give your dog a job, you'll both get some exercise, and you will bond with your dog like never before.  The book is available at this time at www.Amazon.com and www.Barnesandnoble.com.  Plus, when you take home one of my poodles, you will get a free copy.  (Poodles happen to be the best choice for a dog/turned horse!)  Check it out, and do let me know how it has helped you.



Got Poodle?
The Beatles were wrong! Money CAN buy you love, but only if you can provide your poodle a wonderful home in return.


LIFETIME GUARANTEE:  I am aware that sometimes life throws its unexpected punches and you may find yourself unable to keep or support the puppy you have chosen from me.  DON'T LET YOUR POODLE GO TO A SHELTER OR AN UNKNOWN RECIPIENT.  Please contact me if ever this is the case and I will either foster your poodle free of charge in my home and find him/her an appropriate, loving new home or I will assist you in finding your poodle an appropriate home in your area. 

I guarantee this for the life of your poodle.  I've got a passion for poodles.

Why choose to buy from a shelter and not a breeder?  A chance to save a dog in need?  Sure.  A cheaper price?  Sure.  I am not against shelters, but it's a Shame that they must be in business.  Going to a shelter won't give you your dog's medical and social histories, AKC registration or breeder support with all of your questions.  Be prepared for untrainable, unexpected social issues or major medical problems which can be expensive with no recourse.  I've heard horror stories about these things.  Every time you choose a dog from a shelter, you support mixed-breed dogs from anyone putting a non-registered dog on this earth and not taking responsibility for its life.  A reputable breeder will have the life guarantee written above and takes care not to sell to just anyone with the money.  Shelters shouldn't have to be in business.  Be proud to support your purebred

American Kennel Club poodles.


It is a privilege for me to be regularly visited and approved by the AKC.  This allows me to register my poodles with the AKC and raise poodles which typify their desired description of the perfect poodle.  Only breeders who are compliant with strict AKC regulations are certified to register their litters with the AKC, proving they are pure-bred.  I would lose my AKC credentials if I ever let pet stores or a broker sell my poodles.  I'm proud of this because only I personally know and approve who gets my poodles.  You will get the puppy's AKC litter registration paperwork after proof of your poodle's spaying/neutering is sent to me.

It is also my pleasure to offer three free services to my clients:
1.  If you place a deposit on one of my puppies and it is too young to take home, I will deliver anywhere in the Southern California area.

2.  I realize I live way out in the country, but if you are planning to go away for some time, I would love to pet sit your poodle(s) for you free of charge if you bring them to me.  It would be my pleasure to see them again, and also for them to play with their parents and other friends here at Poodlepassion.
3.  Now you can learn how to groom your own poodle for free.  When you come to pick up your poodle, I will show you all of the tricks and tips I've learned in my umpteen years of grooming to let you see how easy it is.  You will learn which pieces of equipment to purchase (and which not to waste your money on), the good brands to choose, how to hold the equipment, any poodle coat style including the perfect puppy (called sporting when they are adult) clip, and most importantly, how to keep your poodle happy and comfortable in the process.  You can bond even closer and fall back in love with your poodle, not to mention gain the fulfillment of doing it yourself, not to mention save the cost of an expensive groomer, 
not to mention save time, and lastly both you and your poodle will suffer less stress by not putting them in someone else's hands.  (I've heard some unimaginable horror stories about some "professional" groomers.)

»»»  Even if you don't have one of my poodles, I am still available to teach poodle grooming to people willing to learn how to do it themselves in their own home, at their own pace, on their own poodle (poodles only, Please).  I will commute to you in Southern California as I am centrally located inland between San Diego and Los Angeles. Please inquire about rates.